Thursday, July 2, 2015

Writer-Reader Gap Calibration Specification

Writer-Reader Gap
Calibration Specification
This test is for determining writer-reader gap for each head on the hard drive under the check
And all failure analysis is stored in reserved area (zone 0)
Then file 0x46 is the file which contain writer-reader gap information or gap calibration
 So 0x46 is optimized channel parameter which stored in zone 0-so these optimized parameters in 0x46 are used in read and write operations of zone 1 through zone 20

And 0x47 is optimized channel parameter which stored in in flash area inside soc chip

After calibration this 0x46 file used in read and write timming

0x46 optimized channel parameter for writer-reader gap
0x6a is a check command id

Its sequence
-calibrate the writer to reader gap at the inner diameter (id) of the drive under the check-Optimized gap value of the rest area is calculated using algorithms
-save gap calibrate information to file 0x46 -0x9c

Starting the test
Start-up control can be passed to the checking module through
1-pst sequencer table
2-vendor specific command (vsc) execute file
Then control reverts back to the caller which is the controller code

Input data structure
1-code file name:cocode.bin (file id 0xc4)
2-data file name:codata.bin (file id 0xc5)
3-result file name:wrcalres.bin (file id 0x9c)

1-test command
Writer-reader gap calibration check which called 0X6A
2-chamber temp
This is an environment temparture of drive under check
It is the single character that check dcm of the head on the drive under the check
It is the single character that check dcm of the media on the drive under the check
5-head qual
The zone to be tested-it must be represented in bit map variable
Only one zone will be calibrated –default test zone is the last zone or last user zone

Thus the following bitmap 0x100000 is for 21 zones
And this 0x100402  is to zone 1,10,20
Result file
Results of the check written in the 0x9c

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