Thursday, July 2, 2015

mini arco

mini arco 

Western digital uses soc(system on chip) which contains:
Arco is set channel for zone with (trex-windex)- This channel is connected to preamp chip
Remember that working on hard drive software not eeprom on the flash i.c
What is the zone?
First media content 21 zones
Zone0 or reserved area and it is outer diameter o.d which contains manufacturer data
Zone20 is a inner diameter i.d 

What is the mini arco?
Mini arco is to optimize channel parameters for drive maximum read or write ability
And this optimization is to extract best cahnnel parameters for the operation (for zone0)
ARCO process optimizes data zone 1 through 20

mini arco have a priority to coding in zone 0 and every thing is done under this priority (require files-download it)

executing mini arco test (instruction code and data on zone 0)
all files that required and  downloaded  to the flash of SOC
1- Permanent Overlay This is the instruction code and data which will be stored in the reserved zone
2-servo dvt usually media cannot stay at the center perfectly because of fast speed revolution –so servo adjustment has to be done for this
3-arco data file "head,media,preamp parameteres"
4-arco code file "module code"

Now these files are downloaded-now we can do mini arco test by executing vsc command

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