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mini arco test flow

mini arco test flow 
Mini arco check will perform this list to optimize the channel of zone 0
Thus mini arco should distinguish where this optimization is (channel-head/preamp)
Now iniside the 0x47"optimized channel parameters" file

But first we need to know following
1-Preamp gain
There are preamp gain areas in preamp chip-this optimization chooses proper values for head signal amplification
2-2t jog
Because of fast speed revolution we had a problem in signal which came from media
As a signal amplitude did not meet minimum requirement- So 2t jog which called vga (vartiable gain amplifier) amplify the signal at each jog sweep position
And vga is the lowest value in sweep process
Thus head can take highest value from the track
3-VM (Viterbi Margin) Jog
same 2t jog but vm finds parameters with lowest error rate among testing sweep points  
4-Wrro (write repeatable read out) delay calibration
The head which head read from media consists of
Servo burst-RRO>>>(are used for servo To make self adjustments of positioning)
this optimization controls timming between (servo burst-data)
5-Mr bias
Preamp supports two types of heads:
Gmr:giant magnetic resistive
tmr :tunnel magnetic resistive
preamp provide two ways to head bias :
voltage bias
current bias
6-mra:it is the same above
                                                                                          7-Fir (finite impulse respon)
Main channel equalization
6-Baseline correction
Remove dc offset of the signal
7-write precomp (wpc)
Minimize phase shift to minimum as desired in signal
8-analog boost
Amplify signal
9-analog cutt off
It is a filter that allow to low frequency and prevent noise high frequency one
12- ATI (Adjacent Track Interference) check
Since distance between tracks is so little ,,so interference proplem occurs with adjacent track with lossing data problem
This optimization solve this problem
13-RFPE (Reverse Field Partial Erasion)
when a head is writing data to media ,,there is chgance to occur reverse magnetic flux
thus loss data partially
by optimizing RFBE we can prevent that
14-Write Current
The preamp chip can control overshoot amplitude-decay period of writing current
Thus overshoot amplitude occurred when head writing data
With this optimization you can control with this overshoot amplitude and decay period of writing current 
15-wpc as above
16-mnp (media noise process)
Reduce noise media

Mini-arco log file will save in 0x90
Summary result file will save in  0xc0

File 0x44
check command
mini arco check which called 0x44
Chamber temp
This input value specifies the environment temperature of the drive under check
head dcm
this input value specify the responsible head of the head installed on the drive under the check
the field must be in the form of translated head DCM based on the head DCM for the given product family.
Media DCM
this input value specify the responsible media of the media installed on the drive under the check
this field must be in the form of translated media DCM based on the media DCM for the given product family

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