Thursday, July 2, 2015

hard drive recovery tools part 2

hard drive recovery tools

Sediv is one of advanced utilities that’s why sediv support arco
What is the arco?
Arco is a way to repair firmware problems and adaptive it to work with any module
Arco can do these following:
1-set reading and writing heads
2-adaptive firmwares for hard drive so you can use firmware for any models like western digital models you can modify one model to use with other models
3-set spaces between tracks
4-set spaces between heads whichg called micrjog and set translator ans set format and many other functions
Well arco is seems so great what about sediv?
Sediv supports arco –this so good sediv presents many tools I mean tool for western digital and other for Seagate and other for Toshiba etc
It supports reading and writing rom and generate rom and throw edit adaptive you can modify modules
Scan modules and reading it and writing tracks quickly
Cut zones and set propriate arco which u need to repair hdd
And test heads and do logical scan excellent
Self scan and unlock for new families
there is a tool better than sediv we sell it with a low price 

Data recovery equipments
The most famous in these equipments is :
Data compass and hdd doctor
Pc udma..???

Some will ask pc you mean pc 3000 – yeah but not chinese one
Pc udma is from ace laboratories which is russian not Chinese
Data recovery equipments used to recover data from urgent cases in hard drives
Like badsectors and etc
Lets suppose hard dive have many many bad sectors and data canot be accessed
Or printed circuit board need to be changed
Or anything in the firmware or slowly hdd or hdd drop operating system
These equipments is forr all hdd types western digital or seagate 

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